A Safe Community That Thrives

Support facilities and design programs that create a healthy, resilient, and engaged community that is prepared, safe, and housed.

Goal 1: Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Priorities

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73.1 Prioritize youth safety through education, safe routes to school, enforcement, traffic calming, and community resource officers.
73.2 Restore the Homeless Outreach Services Team.
76 Adopt a Care and Shelter operations manual to improve City logistics planning during emergencies.
88 Facilitate construction of Accessory Dwelling Units.
92 Adopt a Tobacco Retail Licensing ordinance and re-evaluate the City’s smoking policy to include e-cigarettes/vaping.
95 Adopt a “visit ability” ordinance to provide accessibility in new single-family home construction.
179 Complete needed facility upgrades to meet safety standards regarding COVID-19.
235 Just Cause, Ellis Act Implementation.

Key Achievements

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80 Assess and identify traffic needs and develop organizational structure to support needs, including the possibility of restoring a full-time City Traffic Engineer position.
81 Promote emergency preparedness and resiliency strategies to our residents and businesses.
83 Consider a firework and use sales ban, or other modification to current ordinance; assist the non-profits who rely on these sales to identify alternatives for fund raising.
99 Secure designation as an Age Friendly City
180 Provide safety support and shelter during two significant fires in County, concurrent with COVID-19.
181 Establish a CAHOOTS program.
182 Complete an updated Local Hazard Mitigation Plan.


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