Active Transportation Plan


We are striving to provide a safe, accessible, equitable, and stress-free transportation system for all, and key to this effort is making walking, bicycling, and other car-free forms of personal mobility (such as scooters, skateboards, assistive mobility devices, etc.) enjoyable and intuitive. When people are comfortable using car-free mobility options, everyone benefits, including those traveling by car!

The Active Transportation Plan (last adopted in 2008 as the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan) will identify and prioritize infrastructure, educational, encouragement, and enforcement efforts needed to make walking, bicycling, and rolling safe and accessible for people of all ages and physical abilities. Click here to learn more about the Plan, including its purpose, contents, key terms, and our process.

Community engagement activities will take place throughout Summer and Fall 2023. Subscribe to updates below and we'll reach out to share opportunities to provide input.

Updated Draft Project Maps Available for Comment Until November 19

A key element of the Active Transportation Plan is the project map, which identifies specific infrastructure improvements that would help improve the safety, convenience, and accessibility of walking, bicycling, and rolling. Updated project maps shared at our October 25 Open House are available here.

Please note all proposed projects shown in the draft map are proposed and, if adopted in the Active Transportation Plan, would be subject to additional prioritization, community engagement, design/feasibility consideration, environmental approvals, and funding prior to implementation.

Please use the form below to provide comments on the project maps, or email Bjorn Griepenburg, Project Manager at [email protected]. Comments should be submitted by November 19.

After reviewing your comments, we will update the maps again and take them to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee (PBAC) for a detailed review at its December 6 and, if necessary, January 3 meeting(s). We’ll continue to provide updates to subscribers by email.


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