Airport Runway Improvement

Project Description

This project involves replacing the runway edge lights and airfield guidance signs. The current edge lights were installed in 1985 and are becoming obsolete. The electrical improvements will replace the current edge lights with an LED system that will reduce the electrical power usage as well as provide a brighter environment. Replacing the current non-illuminated airfield guidance signs is required by the FAA.

Project Manager: Ken Eichstaedt – Senior Civil Engineer

Traffic Impact

No surface vehicle traffic will be impacted by this project. However, during the installation of the new lighting system the airport hours for aviation vehicles will be modified.

Project Status/Timeline

The project begins March 1st for night-time construction and is expected to be completed in June 2020 with 75 working days of construction.


This project is funded primarily through a FAA grant with match funding through a combination of State grant and Airport Operating Funds

BID Details

Bid Opening  May 22, 2019
City Council Award  July 1, 2019
Engineers Estimate $508,000

Name of Bidder                                           Bid Total

St. Francis Electric, LLC.                         $597,840*
Studebaker Brown Electric, Inc.                 $628,718
Vellutini Corp./Royal Electric Co.               $633,994
WBE                                                           $637,286
Kobo Utility Construction Co.                     $787,800

*Lowest Responsive Bidder

airport runway electrical map
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