Caulfield Bridge & Extension Permitting and 10% Design

Project Description

A moveable bridge (similar to the D Street Bridge) constructed over the Petaluma River extending Caulfield Lane to Petaluma Boulevard South. This bridge will provide an additional route for pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles of residents and businesses to travel between the East and West sides of town, helping with crosstown travel traffic.

Project Location

Caulfield Lane to Petaluma Boulevard South over the Petaluma River.

Traffic Impacts & Benefits

In the short-term, there is minimal negative traffic impact, as the linkage does not currently exist.  In the long-term, it will improve crosstown connectivity.  There are limited crosstown connectors in Petaluma, particularly a means to cross the City in the southern half.  The Caulfield Bridge will help to reduce traffic loads on E. Washington St. and D St. and provide for direct bike access to Novato.


Project Status

The project is currently in the initial permitting and 10% design phases which are expected to be completed in mid-2021. The next step will be gaining approval from City Council to move the project forward into final permitting and full design phases.


The initial permitting and design of the bridge is funded by Traffic Impact Fees shown in the CIP section of the 2021 Adopted Budget.  Future funding may include developer and other undetermined grant sources for the bridge and approaches (roadways leading to the bridge).

BID Details

This project has not yet gone to bid.

petaluma river

Photo Credit: Scott Hess Photography

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