Caulfield Bridge Crosstown Connector

Project Description

The Caulfield Bridge Crosstown Connector Project will create a new 500-foot moveable bridge (similar to the D Street Bridge) over the Petaluma River connecting east and west Petaluma via Caulfield Lane to Petaluma Blvd. South. This bridge will provide a convenient, direct route for people walking, bicycling, and driving across town and will help with crosstown travel traffic.

The project was identified by City Council at its as its October 10, 2022 Crosstown Connector Workshop as the top priority of the proposed Connectors.


Community Input

Community input will be an essential part of the project, especially as it pertains to the bridge design and impacts to adjacent neighborhoods and properties. There will be many opportunities for Petalumans to get involved.

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Project Location

Caulfield Lane to Petaluma Boulevard South over the Petaluma River.

Traffic Impacts & Benefits

In the short-term, there is minimal negative traffic impact, as the linkage does not currently exist.  In the long-term, it will improve crosstown connectivity.  There are limited crosstown connectors in Petaluma, particularly a means to cross the City in the southern half.  The Caulfield Bridge will help to reduce traffic loads on E. Washington St. and D St. and provide for direct bike access to Novato.


Project Status

The City hired AECOM in 2018 to study the feasibility of the Caulfield Bridge and Extension Project, with the intent to confirm the bridge footprint, begin preliminary approval process with the US Coast Guard, ensure the necessary right-of-way is available, review the floodplain impacts, perform sufficient engineering analysis to select the structure type, and update the project development cost estimate to inform the project’s final phase.

The City is now releasing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for all remaining work needed before constructing the bridge, including environmental review, permitting, and bridge design. We hope to begin construction by 2026.


Initial funding will come from Traffic Impact Fees and Developer Contributions, which are collected from development projects to provide transportation improvements. City staff continue to explore all potential grant programs to maximize availability of local funds for other important transportation improvements.

The latest cost estimate is approximately $43 million, though this is subject to refinement as the environmental and design phase progresses.

BID Details

This project has not yet gone to bid.

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