City Saves Energy With New LED Light Conversion

Posted on September 29, 2019

person installing a new lightThe City is excited to announce it has completed an extensive LED Streetlight Project that converted 4,323 City streetlights to energy-saving LEDs.

The project will save approximately 1,168,390 kilowatt hours of electricity and 826 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions

The City will recover its $1.2 million investment over the next 10 years through reduced energy bills. “This project touched almost every neighborhood in the City, improving lighting, decreasing outages, and lowering maintenance and power costs” said Project Manager Diane Ramirez.

“We especially appreciate the citizens of Petaluma for their patience while our contractor, DC Electric, completed the work, which sometimes created traffic and parking inconveniences.”

The City is dedicated to saving energy and reducing greenhouse gasses in any way possible. In addition to the LED street light conversion project, the City is working on a project at the waste water treatment plant that will turn waste into fuel.  This work is all part of the City of Petaluma’s Sustainability Action Plan completed in 2015.

Check out this list of FAQ’s for questions about LED light selection.

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