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Recreation, Music & Parks Commission


Chair: Sara Sass
Vice Chair: Megan Cusimano

City Council Liaison: Kathy Miller
City Management Liaison: Drew Halter

Meets: 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 P.M. at City Hall, Council Chambers, 11 English Street, Petaluma.

The Recreation, Music, and Parks Commission was established to serve in an advisory capacity to the City Manager, City Council, and Recreation Services Supervisor on all matters pertaining to public recreation, including the management, conduct, and care of the parks and playgrounds in the City, cultural arts programs, musical entertainment, and other various programs. The Commission studies the needs of the City and the means of meeting such needs in connection with all such matters pertaining to public recreation, cultural arts, music and other entertainment.

The Commission counsels the Recreation Services Supervisor and the City Manager in connection with the preparation of the annual budget for the Recreation Services Department, and makes recommendations with respect thereto to the City Manager and City Council.

The Commission assists in the planning of recreation and cultural arts programs for the residents of the City and promotes and stimulates public interest therein, and, to that end, solicits to the fullest possible extent the cooperation of special authorities and other public and private agencies interested therein.

The Commission studies present and future needs of the City with respect to recreation, music, and park facilities, programs, and events, and makes recommendations to the City Council and City Manager concerning the same. All six commissioners are appointed by the City Council and serve four-year terms.

Current Agenda (when applicable)

photo of shollenberger park

Commission Members

Patricia Souza Recreation, Music & Parks Commissioner, Representative for Pedestrian & Bicycle Advisory Committee Email
Beverly Schor Recreation, Music & Parks Commissioner Email
Sara Sass Recreation, Music & Parks Commissioner
Mary Kate DeLucco Recreation, Music & Parks Commissioner Email
Megan Cusimano Recreation, Music & Parks Commissioner Email
Ryan Cassidy Recreation, Music & Parks Commissioner,Tree Advisory Committee Member Email
D’Lynda Fischer City Council Email
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