Community Update for April 27, 2022

Posted on April 27, 2022

Cool Block Leaders - Pete and Kobe



Hello, Petaluma –
A heartfelt thanks to all who came out and supported the return of our Butter & Egg Days Parade and Antique Fair this past weekend. It was wonderful to feel the spirit of Petaluma thriving as our community came together in celebration. Another reminder of how grateful we are to call this special place home. Thank you to the Petaluma Downtown Association and all the volunteers and vendors who made these iconic Petaluma events possible once again!
In this evening’s email, we’ll share news regarding COVID-19 treatments, an important upcoming item for our City Council, climate and drought information, an update on the future of our Fairgrounds, and more.
Please enjoy, share with friends, and have a lovely evening. We’ll see you in your inbox next Wednesday!




The California Department of Public Health has put out a toolkit on COVID-19 treatment options, including new Test to Treat locations. At Test to Treat locations, people will be tested for COVID-19. If someone tests positive and treatments are appropriate for them, they will receive a prescription from a healthcare provider. While these medications (antiviral pills) to treat COVID-19 are free of cost, sites may charge for the visit.
There are several COVID-19 treatment options available in the United States that can help keep COVID patients out of the hospital. Treatments work best when given as soon as possible after testing positive and developing symptoms.
There are two ways to get outpatient COVID-19 treatments:
  • Talk to your health care provider to learn if you qualify for a COVID-19 treatment that requires a prescription or referral.
  • Find Test to Treat locations that offer COVID-19 testing and prescriptions for oral antiviral pills at one location.
CLICK HERE to learn more.




The City Council will be reviewing a list of draft goals and priorities on Monday, May 2, 2022.  The council will vote on a top ten list of priorities for the next two fiscal years (2023 & 2024).
CLICK HERE to view the Agenda and/or attend the meeting.




The City of Petaluma is thrilled to announce we have hired Alex Greenwood to serve as the Director of our newly formed Community Development Department. This newly formed department will combine our Building Division with our Planning and Housing Divisions and will bring development-related work under one roof to better coordinate our permitting and serve the public.
Alex Greenwood is a recognized leader in community and economic development in California. During his 28 years of public service, Alex has held executive or management-level positions in five cities: South San Francisco, San Diego, Concord, Brentwood, and Oakland. His experience leading teams in various cities will provide strong leadership and support for our community.
He holds degrees from U.C. Berkeley and Duke University and lives in Pleasant Hill, CA with his wife and two kids.




The Petaluma Fairgrounds Advisory Panel is making progress. This group will spend 100+ hours considering the future of the Petaluma Fairgrounds and will make recommendations to the City Council and 4th District Agricultural Association that they will consider as they determine the future uses of this iconic property. Thank you to all who are participating — it is a very important job that will make a difference in our community!
36 Panelists were selected through a Democratic Lottery process to serve on the Advisory Panel. The first Advisory Panel sessions will take place May 13, 14, & 15th.
A few people who were selected have opted not to join. This is often the case in lottery processes such as this one. In order to maintain an Advisory Panel that represents the demographics of Petaluma, Healthy Democracy, the organization leading the Panel process, will hold a “reselection” event to fill the few vacant positions. The reselection will take place April 27th at 6PM and will be live streamed and recorded on Healthy Democracy’s YouTube channel.
During the reselection event, Healthy Democracy will also select an official set of “alternate Panelists,” who will be prepared to step in for anyone who drops out from April 27th until the first day of the Panel on May 13th will also be selected.
Want to learn more? CLICK HERE and/or sign up for regular updates from Healthy Democracy HERE.  




This coming Tuesday, May 3 from 5:30-7:00pm, join our City partner, Daily Acts, for a webinar providing information on how to design your garden to retain rather than drain rainwater. Retaining rainwater on your property helps build healthier soil, which ultimately creates more resilient and prolific plants. By implementing a variety of do-it-yourself low-cost, low-tech solutions, you will not only boost the drought-resilience of your own garden and save money — you’ll also contribute to the drought-resilience and ecological health of your town, city, watershed, county, and state! Invite a friend or neighbor to join you at this free webinar to learn the numerous benefits of incorporating rain gardens, swales, rain tanks and barrels into your landscape and how to do so. Click here to register.
IMPORTANT REMINDER! Petaluma is still in a drought emergency. Water use restrictions are still in place, including a limited outdoor watering schedule. Please limit outdoor water use, and if you need to irrigate your landscape, only do so:
Overnight Tuesday and Saturday between 7pm-8am
The full list of water use restrictions can be found at Thank you for continuing to do your part to save water with us.  




This week, our Climate Action Commission shared the following:
News from Cool Petaluma: Cool Block Leader Info Session Tuesday, May 3 from 7-8 pm on Zoom
Attend Cool Petaluma’s one-hour interactive meeting to see if you want to join the 300+ existing Cool Block Leaders in Petaluma who have already volunteered to take action preparing for emergencies, reducing carbon emissions, saving water, and building vibrant communities, block-by-block, neighborhood-by-neighborhood. See details and RSVP for the zoom link HERE.
Keep track of Cool Petaluma’s progress with maps and data reported monthly HERE.
Raising Awareness at Butter & Eggs
Thanks to all who joined us at the Butter & Egg Days Parade this past weekend! We had a blast raising awareness for the City’s climate goals. Learn more at




The City of Petaluma wants to improve the way we communicate with our Spanish-speaking community. If you live in Petaluma, are part of the Latinx community, and use primarily Spanish to communicate, please fill out our survey to help us create a more inclusive community.
CLICK HERE to take the survey.




The City of Petaluma is looking for talented people to join our team! Please click the links below for more information about our open positions. CLICK HERE for a full list of career opportunities.

Have questions about working for the City? Please reach out to [email protected].




The City of Petaluma is hard at work for our community. Please check out our upcoming meetings and click on the links below for more information:

Check for upcoming meetings, agendas, and how to participate on the City’s meeting webpage: 

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