Council Meeting Recap – 2-22-21

Posted on February 23, 2021

Celebrating Family

Community Partnership to Improve Race Relations

The City Council directed staff to establish an Ad Hoc Community Advisory Committee, made up of representatives from Petaluma schools, healthcare system, and non-profits and organizations that serve and represent our under-represented residents to work with the Police Chief and the City Manager to address community race relations and police policies. This action was the outcome of several meetings and listening sessions that began last summer and culminated in a City Council workshop held January 21st to gather input from the community about how best to improve race relations and policing policies in Petaluma.  The goal is to provide a venue for community and City staff dialogue about the best ways to improve these areas moving forward.  The first meeting is expected in late March.

To learn more about the City’s ongoing efforts, visit To get involved, or to stay informed, subscribe to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion mailing list at

Petaluma Goes Green to Power City Facilities

The City Council voted to subscribe to Sonoma Clean Power’s EverGreen 100% Renewable Energy Program.  This change will transition the City’s power usage to all renewable sources, primarily from the local geysers and solar panel installations. This investment supports the City’s goal of becoming climate neutral by 2030.  To learn about how you can make this easy and climate-responsible action, go to To get updates on the City’s Climate goals and how you can participate, visit

Changing Rules for Gas Stations

The City Council approved several rule changes that will prohibit new gas stations and limit current gas station expansions unless the expansion supports zero emission vehicles. This action supports the City’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and supports the State’s goal of hosting 5 million Zero Emission Vehicles by 2030.  To learn more about the City’s Climate goals and how you can participate, visit

Watch the Meeting

If you want to watch all or a part of the meeting, you can review the video HERE.

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