Daily Update for March 27, 2020

Posted on March 27, 2020

Happy Friday, Everyone!  Though the weekends may be a little more mellow for now, we hope you are finding new ways to enjoy your time.  We’re closing out this week of daily updates with recommendations on how to best implement social distancing, new developments in local health, resources for vulnerable populations, and important news for businesses.  Please share this information with your personal network and have a wonderful weekend at home!

Shelter-In-Place – Please Keep Up the Good Work!

Our sincerest thanks go out to those of you who are making efforts to adhere to social distancing and Shelter-in-Place guidelines.  The next few weeks are critical and these measures are the greatest thing we can do to help flatten the curve and slow the spread of the virus.

Your actions are truly saving lives – so please keep it up!  Now is the time to do everything we can to prevent the situation from getting much worse.  Help your neighbors, loved ones, and your whole community by staying home.  Please, remember:

  • Stay 6 Feet Away: If you do need to go out to access essential services, such as groceries or medical care, make sure to stay 6 feet away from others.
  • Get In, Get Out: When going to stores for essential items, do not linger and shop.  Though it may be tempting after being cooped up at home, this is not a time to browse!  Please get what you need quickly and head for home – this is for the safety of you, store employees, and other customers.
  • Take Extra Care with Youth:  Youth have been called the “hidden carriers” of the disease because they often do not show symptoms.  While it is extremely important for everyone in the community to stay home, it is imperative for children, teens, and young adults to do so.

Local Health Update

Yesterday’s update incorrectly stated that “every hospital in the county is caring for patients who have COVID-19.”  We don’t have information about which hospitals are caring for patients with COVID – 19, but we have confirmed that our local hospitals are preparing for an anticipated surge in coronavirus cases.  County officials are working closely with hospitals to address unmet needs ranging from staffing to equipment. The County is also working to create Alternate Care Sites for patients who do not need intensive care in case there are many local cases.

Resources for Seniors and Vulnerable Populations

As the weeks go by, we are encouraged to see the vast array of services that have been made available to help senior citizens and other vulnerable groups in our community navigate their daily lives during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The County of Sonoma has put together a comprehensive list complete with grocery stores that are offering delivery and special hours, pharmacies offering drive-up windows and delivery, legal services, transportation options, emotional support, and much more.  Please share it with your network:  Resources for Seniors and Vulnerable Populations During Shelter-in-Place

Keep Up-to-Date on News for Your Business

The guidelines for what is currently considered an “essential business” are seemingly ever-changing.  We understand this can be confusing for business owners and shoppers and urge you to regularly check the Frequently Asked Questions About Novel Coronavirus page of the County of Sonoma website for the most up-to-date information on which businesses are considered “essential” during this unusual time.



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