City Council Holds Workshop to Discuss Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Posted on January 27, 2021


Last week, the City Council held a special workshop during which the City and community continued an essential dialogue that began last year regarding race relations and policing policies in Petaluma.

Designed to honor and listen to our communities of color regarding their experiences, 

the workshop served as a first step in a multi-faceted approach to improving race relations and policing policies in Petaluma. The City recognizes racism exists and understands addressing it involves an ongoing, engaged dialogue that includes diverse viewpoints, and has been focused on soliciting feedback through interviews, a suvery, and input from community organizations who convened listening sessions for our BIPOC (spell out) communities last summer which resulted in a report distributed to the public in September.

The data, findings, and feedback shared during the workshop aligned with many initiatives City staff have been strategizing, which will allow for lasting and impactful action as the community and the City work together to create a City that works for all and stands united against hate and racism.

Next steps include staff coming back to the Council with options for establishing a community advisory group who will be working with the City on the policies and initiatives that were outlined at the workshop, to eventually be presented to the City Council for consideration.

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