Posted on October 15, 2020

The Army Corps of Engineers completed the dredging of the upper portion of our river on October 15. The lower portion of the river, located outside Petaluma City limits, will be completed by November 30. The Marina, however, is not a part of the current dredging project.

Dredging the Marina requires a different approach – mechanical instead of hydraulic. The current project used a hydraulic approach that is not suitable for the Marina. The City is working to get the required permits and identify the needed funds to dredge the Marina as soon as possible.

To date, 194,000 cubic yards of dirt, silt, and sludge have been removed from the river, resulting in increased river depth. This was 47,000 cubic yards more than anticipated. In addition to dirt, the engineers pulled out some unexpected treasures like shopping carts, bicycle parts, and 6 bowling balls!

This increase in depth makes our river more accessible to boats and water sports once again. We look forward to the return of beloved traditions like our Lighted Boat Parade. See you on the river!

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