City Services Available

List of City Services Available
March 17 - April 6


Emergency: 911
Non-emergency number: (707) 778-4373
Voicemail directory: 707-778-4372

  • Life and health safety response will be prioritized
  • Lobby closed to public, except in emergency situations
  • Face-to-face contact will be limited to emergency situations
  • Crimes against people will be priority
  • Use phone/online reporting tools when possible


Emergency: 911
Non-emergency Dispatch Center: 707-568-5992
Fire Administration: 707-778-4390

  • Life and health safety response will be prioritized
  • Fire Stations closed to public
  • Limited administrative response during normal operating hours 8am-5pm

Fire Prevention

Email: firemarshal@cityofpetaluma.org
Tel: 707-778-4389

  • General Inquiries by phone or email
  • May accept applications by appointment
  • Processing applications that have already been accepted
  • Conduct mandatory inspections
  • Respond to health and safety concerns
  • Construction inspections


Email: petalumaplanning@cityofpetaluma.org
Tel: 707-778-4470

  • General Inquiries by phone or email
  • Entitlement submittal by email or in person by appointment.
  • Over-the-counter permits in person by appointment.
  • Processing applications that have already been accepted


Email: cdd@cityofpetaluma.org
Tel: 707-778-4301

  • General Inquiries by phone or email
  • May accept applications by appointment
  • Processing applications that have already been accepted

City Clerk

Email: cityclerk@cityofpetaluma.org
Tel: 707-778-4360

  • Respond to inquiries and public records requests
  • If you would like to serve the City with a subpoena, summons, or complaint, please email the City Clerk’s Office at CityClerk@cityofpetaluma.org to coordinate service of process.


Email: transit@cityofpetaluma.org
Tel: 707-778-4460

  • Transit routes operating on regular schedules
  • Paratransit operating
  • Transit customer support available by phone or email
  • See transit website for additional information.

Public Works & Utilities

Email: publicworks@cityofpetaluma.org
Tel: 707-778-4303

  •  Report a pothole or debris or garbage in the road
  • Sidewalk hazard
  • Overgrown vegetation
  • Report a streetlight outage, traffic signal malfunctioning

Tel:  707-778-4546

  • Report a water leak
  • Sewer problems/overflow
  • Clogged storm drain

Download our citizen request app: EngagEPetaluma

Citizen and businesses can report and track non-emergency issues within the City of Petaluma city limits, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Encroachment Permits

Email: encroachmentpermits@cityofpetaluma.org
Tel: 707-778-4303 ext 6 or 707-529-1633

    • General inquiries by phone or e-mail
    • May accept applications by appointment
    • Processing applications that have already been accepted

Parks & Recreation

Email: parksnrec@cityofpetaluma.org
Tel: 707-778-4303

  • Petaluma Parks and walking trails remain open for the time being. This includes athletic fields.
  • All organized and permitted activities have been canceled or postponed, including sports leagues, field reservations, programming, activities, events etc.
  • Restrooms will remain open for the time being and this message will be updated and signs posted should circumstances change.

Thank you and stay safe.

Utility Billing

Email: utilitybilling@cityofpetaluma.org
Tel: 707-778-4350

  • Accept utility payments online only

City Manager

Email: citymgr@cityofpetaluma.org
Tel: 707-778-4345

  • Oversee all essential city services
  • Respond to inquiries
  • Public information


Email: financeemail@cityofpetaluma.org
Tel: 707-778-4352

  • Accept business license applications online

Human Resources / Risk Management

Email: humanresources@cityofpetaluma.org
Tel: 707-778-4534

  • Responding to inquiries
  • Respond to claims (Risk Management)

Economic Development & Open Government

Email: Econdev@cityofpetaluma.org
Tel: 707-778-4484

  • Providing support to impacted businesses
  • Responding to inquiries

City Attorney

Email: cityattorney@cityofpetaluma.org
Tel: 707-778-4362

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