Nelson Talks

AprApril 22 2020

9:00am - 10:00am

Our next webinar will take place on April 22nd, 9 am to 10 am, and will address COVID-19’s impact on California’s economy, healthcare, and workplace ecosystems. It will provide a unique, California-focused perspective related to today’s global uncertainty, which is at levels not seen since the Second World War. The panelists will discuss how California’s situation differs from other states and the nation overall, and we’ll also address many of the workforce and employment questions our clients ask us every day. You’ll gain new insights that relate back to your business, plus planning tools and indicators you can consider in the months ahead.

Our panelists will be:

  • Dr. Robert Eyler, President of Economic Forensics and Analytics and Dean of the School of Extended and International Education and Professor of Economics at Sonoma State University
  • Louise J. Short, MD, MSC, National Clinical Leader for Strategic Benefit Advisors (SBA) and Brown & Brown
  • Melanie Wise, Vice President of Human Resources, Nelson


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