Water Smart Insect Investigation, Investigación sobre los Insectos Beneficiosos en un jardin Water Smart

MayMay 18 2024

10:00am - 12:00pm

Butterflies, grasshoppers, wiggly worms, and beetles, oh my!

Join Santa Rosa Water and Daily Acts with bilingual instruction from LandPath’s expert staff for a FREE family-friendly journey through Bayer Farm’s two-acre community garden in the heart of Roseland*.  Learn how to tread lightly through the garden, observe, and identify the abundance of bugs and insects that can thrive in our landscapes.  They’ll discuss the benefits of a diverse landscape and how you can create and encourage habitat in your own garden.

*Please note that this event has a capacity of 50 people and advance registration is required. Register HERE.

This program is for all ages and will be presented in both English and Spanish!

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