Fire Prevention

Keeping the Community Safe

The Fire Prevention Team keeps the community safe in a variety of ways. We review construction plans, inspect commercial buildings on an annual basis, and check equipment installations to make sure state fire codes are met. We make sure residents in fire-prone areas keep their property clean of debris and weeds. We oversee how hazardous materials are used and stored throughout the City, and help the Police Department ensure safety at special events. We are proud to serve this community!


CUPA requirements regulate how hazardous materials are stored and used in our community. Read the CUPA page to learn about the requirements and how to find out what hazardous materials are present nearby.

Safety Education

Too many tragedies have occurred because fire codes were not adequate or were ignored. We help people understand how to be fire safe, at home, at work, and in the community. Read our safety tips.


We inspect all commercial construction and equipment installation projects and residential projects that involve fire sprinklers. We also do annual inspections of businesses.

Plan Review

We are part of the plan review process. That means we need to review and sign off on all residential and commercial projects that require a permit.

Protection Systems

Some commercial and residential construction projects trigger the need for sprinklers and/or fire protection systems. We help the community understand these requirements, then review plans and inspect properties to make sure the requirements are met.

Request a Report

We are legally required to submit a report after a fire incident. This report is often reviewed by insurance companies after a claim has been made. Use our online form to request a fire report.

Weed Abatement

Dried out grasses and other plant debris pose a serious fire risk in certain areas of the City. The weed abatement program helps the City reduce this risk and keep the community (and firefighters) safe. Our team identifies problem properties, then works with the owners to make sure the risk is reduced.

Emergency Prep

Fire Prevention Bureau staff help educate the community about emergency preparedness. In the event of a wide-scale emergency or natural disaster, we would serve on the City's Emergency Operations Center.

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