Manor Tank Recoating

Project Description 

This project involves the removal and replacement of the exterior and interior coating protection of the existing welded steel tanks, including minor equipment repairs and replacement. The rehabilitation work will extend the useful life of the tanks, evaluate, and implement seismic and cathodic protection needs. Manor Tank and Hardin Tank are part of the City’s Zone 4 pressure zone servicing the eastern portion of the City. Manor Tank has completed the design and bidding efforts, with planned completion of the construction project in 2022. This phased approach to the project will ensure the Zone 4 pressure system will maintain equalization and fire storage protection throughout the rehabilitation efforts.

Project Location 

The project is located at the Manor Tank Site off Manor Lane.

Traffic Impacts & Benefit


Timeline/Project Status  

Project is currently under construction. Contractor has completed installing tank appurtenances, coating the interior roof of the tank, and has the majority valve vault improvements. Remaining work consists of blasting the interior shell and floor and blasting and painting the exterior of the tank. 


Water Capital Funds

Bid Details

The project was awarded to Unified Field Services Corporation.


Hardin And Manor Tank Recoating Image #1
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