Integrated Water Master Plan (IWMP)

Project Description

Exploring Opportunities to Increase Our Local Water Supply Resiliency

To enhance our community’s water supply resiliency, Petaluma is embarking on a study called the Integrated Water Master Plan (IWMP). This plan will identify opportunities to increase water supplies locally, making us more resilient to water supply shortages due to climate change and other natural disasters such as earthquakes.  The IWMP will also help the City identify, screen, and analyze water supply alternatives to help address any future water supply gaps. Water supply project options explored through this process will include:

  • Recycled Water
    • Urban Recycled Water Program Expansion (within the City’s potable water service area)
    • Agricultural and Vineyard Recycled Water Program Expansion (outside the City’s potable water service area)
    • Recycled Water Storage Expansion
    • Other options 
  • Groundwater
    • Groundwater banking 
    • Regional groundwater banking
    • Groundwater recharge with stormwater
  • Brackish Desalination
    • Regional brackish water desalination 
  • Stormwater
    • Stormwater capture, storage, and treatment 


Petaluma will hold community meetings to update the public and give the community opportunities to ask questions, make comments, and offer their ideas on the IWMP over the next year. 

The community meeting schedule will be updated here once meetings are scheduled. If you would like to submit a question about the IWMP, please contact Project Manager Erica Jacobs at [email protected].

Project Manager

Erica Jacobs
[email protected]

Project Location

As this project is designed to conceptually develop water supply and storage alternatives with robust public engagement, there is no physical location.

Timeline/Project Status*

Update as of April 10, 2023: The project is in its initial conceptual and data collection phase. City Staff will begin a preliminary data gathering process with current recycled water customers to gain insight into their usage and potential for expansion. Following that process, the City will host a series of public meetings where the project will be introduced, and public feedback will be received. It is anticipated that these meetings will begin in the summer of 2023.

Currently, the project is slated to be completed in early 2024.

*Timing subject to change

Milestone Phase


Milestone Key Points
INFORM IWMP Project Announcement March 2023
  • City announces project
  • Stakeholder engagement begins
  • Project team collects data and feedback
INFORM Community Meeting #1 June/July 2023
  • City holds first community meeting
  • Project goals, process, and initial water supply alternatives shared
  • Public feedback collected
ENGAGE Stakeholder Engagement June/July 2023
  • More specific list of water projects developed
  • Project team continues to meet with stakeholders
ENGAGE Community Meeting #2 TBD
  • Targeted list of water supply and storage projects announced
  • Public feedback collected
FEEDBACK Final Recommended List Refinement TBD
  • Team refines water projects list
  • Final round of stakeholder engagement and feedback
FEEDBACK Community Meeting #3 TBD
  • Final list of supply and storage projects announced
  • Additional public feedback collected
REFINEMENT Project Finalization TBD
  • Project team finalizes Integrated Water Master Plan
  • Plan readied for consideration by City Council
REFINEMENT City Council Meeting Late Dec 2023 - Early 2024
  • Final Draft Plan Released
  • Plan shared at City Council Meeting
  • Feedback from elected officials and public collected
  • Additional public feedback collected


Project Cost: $777,000

Funded by water and wastewater enterprise funds. $226,000 in funding received through the State Water Resources Control Board Water Recycling Funding Program to help offset the cost of planning for the recycled water facilities portion of the IWMP. The City is awaiting a Spring 2023 award announcement by DWR’s 2022 Urban Community Drought Relief Funding Program, for a potential award of up to $583,000.

Public Participation

As we begin the feedback and data collection solicitation process with the public, we invite anyone who is interested to join our mailing list by emailing [email protected] or fill out the form to the right.

Contact Us

For more information on the project, please contact City of Petaluma Public Works at (707) 778-4303 or email [email protected]

Community Feedback

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