General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC)


Meets: All members of the City of Petaluma General Plan Advisory Committee will be teleconferencing into the meeting via Zoom. 

The City of Petaluma is currently in the process of updating our General Plan, the City’s roadmap for growth for the next 15 years. In order to ensure that Petaluma’s long-term vision for the future is aligned with the values of the community, we are looking to our community for input. 

The GPAC is comprised of community representatives who serve as advisors and project ambassadors throughout the General Plan renewal process. The committee works collaboratively with the consultant team, led by Raimi + Associates, and City staff to provide input on General Plan issues and offer feedback on draft materials. 

The GPAC will: 

  • Supplement community input provided at public workshops and provide feedback and guidance throughout the General Plan process. 
  • Provide feedback and direction to the project consultant and City staff to inform the development of policies and objectives in the new General Plan that are responsive to community input, conditions, goals, and vision. 
  • Help tailor the project to Petaluma and the values of the Petaluma community, including the approach taken for significant steps in the process and public engagement. 
  • Review plan materials and provide guidance at key project milestones to help ensure that they are responsive to community input and conditions. 
  • Communicate information about the General Plan to Petaluma community members and encourage all interested parties to participate in the process. 

The committee has twenty-one members, all of whom were appointed by the City Council on January 25, 2021. The committee is considered an ad-hoc committee that will be dissolved upon the completion and adoption of the General Plan Update. This process is expected to run until the end of 2022 but may be extended if needed. Please visit to find more information about GPAC and participate in the General Plan planning process.  

Current Agenda 

photo from the community workshop
Ali Gaylord Member Email
Bill Rinehart Historic & Cultural Preservation Committee Vice Chair Email
Bill Wolpert Member Email
Dave Alden GPAC Member/Transit Advisory Committee Member Email
Delia Diaz Member Email
Erin Chmielewski Member Email
Iliana Inzunza Madrigal Member Email
Janice Cader Thompson Member Email
Jessie Feller Member Email
John Shribbs Chair - Tree Advisory Committee Email
Joshua Riley Simmons Member Email
Mary Dooley Member Email
Phil Boyle Member Email
Roberto Rosila Mares Member Email
Roger Leventhal Member Email
Sierra Downey Member Email
Stephanie Blake Member Email
Yensi Jacobo Member Email
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