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Join a Commission, Committee or Board

City Oversight


City boards, commissions, and committees in general are comprised of registered voters, City of Petaluma residents, who volunteer for service and are appointed by the City Council. Their primary responsibility is to advise and make recommendations to the Council. The adoption of policies, the issuance of proclamations, and the approval of agreements and other official acts of the City are Council’s responsibility.

There are presently fifteen boards, committees and decision-making commissions appointed by the City Council. See the list to the right to learn about the different groups in which you might be interested.




When a position becomes available, the City Clerk notices the vacancy in the local paper, on the community access channel, and through email notification. Sign up if you want to be notified.  The City Council will select from the list of applicants at a City Council Meeting.


Terms of Office

Board, commission, and committee members generally serve two-, three-, or four-year overlapping terms. There is no monetary compensation or benefits for board, commission, or committee members. The City Council may reappoint the member or fill the vacancy.



Each board is expected to establish their rules for operating, solicit community input at public meetings, make budget recommendations, advise and make recommendations to the City Council, and follow city policies.


Is This for You?

It is important that advisory group members be familiar with the community, understand local issues, be committed to the term of services and have established community relationships.


Information Handout

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