Location Layers: CIP Projects

Police Department Parking Lot Paving

Project Description This project will repave the public parking lot in front of the Police Department. Project Manager Project Timeline    

Westridge Trail

Project Description This project will resurface the trail leading into the Westridge neighborhood. It involves survey, planning, design and construction. Project Timeline February – April 2022 Project Manager Ken Eichstaedt, [email protected]

Facilities Resilience

This effort is to identify, prioritize and begin execution of projects that can reduce energy usage, providing an energy cost savings that would go towards offsetting the project costs and be part of the City’s effort to address the climate crisis.

Maria Loop – Urban Recycled Water

The new pipeline will connect to the Prop 1A/Sonoma Mountain pipeline and create a looped system to increase reliability and efficiency of the system. The pipeline will loop the recycled water system via Maria Drive, and connect to Meadow Elementary and Loma Vista Elementary Schools, as well as various city parks.

12-inch Santa Rosa Junior College Water Main

This project is to install a 12-inch water main to connect the distribution system on both sides of the SRJC campus and create a looped distribution system, providing reliability and redundancy in the event of a water main failure.

Ellis Creek High Strength Waste Facilities

Repurpose existing acid-phase digesters at the Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility to receive and blend high strength waste from local industries with wastewater solids for anaerobic digestion.

CNG Fueling Station Ellis Creek

This project is for improvements at the Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility (ECWRF). ECWRF produces methane gas to fuel a boiler. This project will nearly double the amount of methane gas. The gas will be used to fuel City and Recology vehicles

SCADA Upgrades

The SCADA system allows operation staff to view important information like pressures, flows and statuses so city staff can response to needs or emergencies efficiently. The project will also increase security and protect the city’s communication network.

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