Location Layers: City Funded Art Projects

Women in Science Temporary Mural

Title: Women in Science Mural Artist: Emma Chen and Teresa Liang Year: 2021 Medium: temporary mural of acrylic paint, plywood panels, and pressure-treated fence posts Location: at the Petaluma Regional Library facing Washington Street

Keller Street Parking Garage Mural

Title: Keller Street Parking Garage Mural Artist: Ryan Petersen Year: 2020 – 2021 Medium: paint Location: Telephone Alley between Western Avenue and Washington Street


Title: BLACK LIVES MATTER Artist: Various artists (collaborative) Year: 2020 Medium: Paint (temporary) Location: Fairgrounds Drive in front of the Petaluma Library and Fairgrounds  

Cherry Soda

Title: Cherry Soda Artist: Robert Ellison Year: 2003 Medium: Steel Location: Corner of 2nd and C Streets

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