Location Layers: Public Art

Tree Sculpture

Title: Tree Sculpture Artist: Terrence Martin Year: 2014 Medium: Steel and glass Location: Deer Creek Village (in front of Mary’s Pizza)


Title: BLACK LIVES MATTER Artist: Various artists (collaborative) Year: 2020 Medium: Paint (temporary) Location: Fairgrounds Drive in front of the Petaluma Library and Fairgrounds  

O+ Mural (Sanudo)

Title: O+ Mural Artist: Raudiel Sanudo Year: 2016-17 Medium: Paint Location: American Alley

Petaluma Friends

Title: Petaluma Friends Artist: Dale Rogers Studio Year: 2015 Medium: Cor-Ten Steel Location: Adobe Animal Hospital

Mentor Me Mural

Title: “Mentor Me” Mural Artist: The SVHS Art Angels Year: 2016 Medium: Paint Location: Cavanaugh Recreation Center

Petaluma Heritage Mural

Title: Petaluma Heritage Mural Artist: Steve Della Maggiora Year: 1998 Medium: Paint Location: Old Shanghai Décor (exterior wall of Tyler Building)

Heart Sculpture

Title: Heart Sculpture Artist: Unknown Year: Unknown Medium: Painted wood Location: Mail Depot at C and 4th Streets

Wrist Wrestling Champions

Title: Wrist Wrestling Champions Artist: Rosa Estebañez Year: Unknown Medium: Bronze Location: East Washington Street and Petaluma Boulevard North (northeastern corner of intersection)

Rooster Mural

Title: Rooster Mural Artist: Maxfield Bala Year: 2014 Medium: Paint on corrugated metal Location: Worthy of Love Furniture Store (back wall)

Seating for Deer Creek

Title: Seating for Deer Creek Artist: David Duskin, Terrence Martin Year: 2014 Medium: Various metals Location: Deer Creek Village

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