Scannel Mixed Use Development

Posted on January 26, 2022


500 Lakeville St



APN(s): 136-010-024 & 007-171-023
Address: 500 Lakeville Street and 500 Hopper Street
Zoning: River Dependent Industrial
File Number: PLMA-20-0001
Applicant: Walker Williams
Scannell Properties
[email protected]
Project Planner: Emmanuel Ursu
Principal Planner
[email protected]

As proposed, the project would develop commercial and residential uses. The proposed commercial component of the project would include office space in a two-story building to be occupied by Amy’s Kitchen as its corporate headquarters, with full build out to approximately 147,305 gross square feet of office use. The proposed project would also include two additional two-story buildings containing approximately 46,440 gross square feet of additional commercial space and a three-story structured parking garage accommodating up to 330 off-street parking spaces, with a portion of the ground floor dedicated to retail space. An additional 65 parking spaces would be provided on-street. The residential component of the site will include up to approximately 275 dwellings unit including 80 apartments, 95 single-family motor court homes and 100 townhomes, and up to 250 off-street parking spaces.

The current General Plan land use designation for the property is River Dependent Industrial (RDI). The project site is located within the Central Petaluma Specific Plan (CPSP) and the current CPSP designations are River-Dependent Industrial (D3) and Civic Space. The project includes a General Plan Amendment and Specific Plan Amendment to change the land use designation of the property from RDI to Mixed Use, and a Zoning Map Amendment to rezone the property from the D3 District to a mix of T4 (General Urban) and T5 (Urban Center). The portion of the property designated Civic Space would be developed with a multi-use trail and does not require a Specific Plan or Zoning Amendment. This area will be redeveloped in coordination with the California State Lands Commission. The project will also require a General Plan Amendment to provide additional below market-rate housing in lieu of a required 3.5 acre active park.

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