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Posted on July 3, 2019


Graylawn Ave



APN(s): 019-010-006, -007, -008, & -009
Address: Terminus of Graylawn Avenue
Zoning: North end: Oak Creek Apartments PUD
South end: R4 (Residential)
File Number: PLSR 20-0009
Applicant: Acclaim Homes
Mark and Gary Johnson
[email protected]
[email protected]
Project Planner: Erica Baptiste
Planning Manager
[email protected]

The Project site comprises 19.2 gross acres of land, including 14.3 acres within the portion of Parcel Map #307 that are located on the west side of the Petaluma River and identified as a “Remainder Parcel” (principally APN 019-010-009), a 4.4-acre parcel known as the Webb parcel (APN 019-010-006), and the 0.5-acre Graylawn Avenue turnaround (APN 019-010-008). The Project includes a conceptual site plan for a 180-unit apartment complex, with the apartment units located within separate two to three-story apartment buildings (11 dwelling units/net acre) and includes a community clubhouse and an outdoor swimming pool. The project includes creating a flood terrace above the high water line abutting the Petaluma River as required by General Plan policy 8-P-28 in order to incrementally increase the storage capacity of the floodplain area. The project proposed no residential development in the floodplain. The 180-unit proposal reflects a reduction of 98 units, an increased setback from the Petaluma River, and additional tree and wetlands preservation in response to comments received on the 2018 draft EIR for the original 278 unit proposal and the final EIR.

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