Meridian at Petaluma North Station Tentative Parcel Map

Posted on May 6, 2024

Project Name: Meridian at Petaluma North Station Tentative Parcel Map
Address: 890 N McDowell Blvd (at Corona Road) [Map It]
APN: 137-061-019
City Record Number: PLPM-2023-0005
Applicant Name: Danco Communities
Date of Decision: 5/20/2024
Project Description: Proposed Tentative Parcel Map to subdivide the existing 6.55± acre vacant parcel at the southeast corner of N McDowell Blvd and Corona Road into three separate parcels as follows: Lot 1 – a 1.2±-acre parcel to be dedicated to Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) for the future Petaluma North station and its parking, Lot 2 – a .76± acre corner parcel for future neighborhood commercial use(s) including a picnic area and food truck area closer to the SMART station, and Lot 3 – a 4.6± acre residential parcel. Lot 3 is intended to be developed with the 131-unit Meridian affordable housing project approved in 2021 pursuant to Assembly Bill 2162 and City Council Resolution 2020-170 N.C.S. The lot division is proposed to enable dedication of Lot 1 to SMART.

For further information on the MERIDIAN AT PETALUMA NORTH STATION Project, which was approved in 2021, please see:

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