Our Community United – Petaluma Against Hate and Intolerance

Posted on October 19, 2020

As we continue to be challenged with pandemic living, and as we get closer to an important election, many of us are feeling stressed and depleted. This can lead to impatience and intolerance as we face the challenges of our changing world.

Petalumans are an engaged community, with strong ideas. And while we might not all agree, it is an important time to remember that we are Petaluma first. We value kindness, giving, and caring.

We are a City that believes in a safe an inclusive community for all.  We stand together against threats, mistreatment and hate crimes to any member of our community.

This is a delicate time, and we need your help. Please take a minute to reflect and consider how you take part in the positive conversations and actions that respect you, your friends, your neighbors, and those with whom you disagree.

And while we will lean on our community to come together against intolerance and threats, rest assured that the City of Petaluma stands strong against such behavior. We do not tolerate racism, hate speech, or threats against anyone or any group. If you do experience or witness such treatment, please report it to us so we can respond and protect our community and hold those accountable for their unacceptable behavior. Working together, we can and will protect our community, stop intolerance, and conquer hate.

To report racism, hate speech, or threats, please call the Petaluma Police Department at 707-778-4373. Or, contact any of us directly. We will be working together with our City team to address these issues, identify support, and enforce applicable laws.

With Gratitude,

Mayor Teresa Barrett, [email protected]     

City Manager Peggy Flynn, [email protected]

Police Chief Ken Savano, [email protected]

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