Overgrown Vegetation / Overhanging Tree Branches

Petaluma Municipal Code, Chapter 13.10 states that property owners are responsible for all trees and vegetation adjacent to or in front of their property. This includes any trees in the planter strip between the sidewalk and the street. All vegetation and trees in the public right of way must be properly maintained to allow safe and unobstructed passage of pedestrians and traffic.

Overgrown weeds, shrubs, trees and other vegetation can make pedestrian travel ...difficult and cause safety hazards. To provide sufficient clearance for pedestrians, tree branches should hang no lower than 8 feet above the sidewalk and 13 feet above the street to allow enough clearance for vehicles including large trucks and emergency vehicles. It is important to trim back vegetation that might block stop signs or traffic signals. Please be sure to trim your trees and bushes back sufficiently to allow full use of the sidewalk and street in front of, or adjacent to your property. To report issues regarding overgrown vegetation please contact the Public Works & Utilities Department at 707-778-4303, [email protected] or report an issue here.

overgrown vegetation
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