Oyster Cove Surcharge Operations

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Surcharge Operations

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In preparation for construction, surcharge import operations will begin at the Oster Cove site mid to late June 2024, as approved by the City Engineer. Surcharging is the practice of adding a large amount of soil (surcharge and pre-load) to the ground area of a site for an extended period to remove liquid from water-logged soils and improve the quality of the grounds for construction. 

Oyster Cove will replace a vacant former industrial site with 132 units of infill housing, public spaces, commercial opportunities and amenities. The project will include a new river promenade and provide connections to Steamer Landing and the Petaluma River Park. The reimagined site will offer residents the ability to live in the heart of the community with quick access to Downtown, transportation, and recreation. 

The Oyster Cove surcharging will bring ± 50,000 cubic yards (CY) of soil to the property to create an additional 7–9-foot elevation in the surcharge area. The surcharge load added to the site will remain for 10-12 months or until the soil has responded to the weight of the load. Excess water removed from the soil will be treated according to the City’s stormwater treatment requirements. Once complete, ± 40,000 cubic yards of soil will be removed from so that the site is prepared for construction activities. The pre-load soils will remain at the site.

The City has reviewed and approved a traffic control plan that will direct trucks to and from the site with minimal impacts to existing traffic. Truck activity is anticipated between the hours of 7AM- 5PM, Monday through Friday for approximately 6 weeks. Vehicles will exit the 101 on to Lakeville, turn on Caufield and take Hopper Street to the property. The intersection of Lakeville and Caufield will be the most effected.  All hauling will enter and exit a construction entrance on the North side of the site. A traffic flagger will be present at Copeland Street during all import and export activities to provide safe public access to the park and trail during operations. All public streets, Steamer Landing Park, and existing trails will remain open during surcharge activity.  

Postcards have been sent to neighboring property owners and tenants to inform them of the surcharging activities. City staff and the contractor are committed to be fully responsive to concerns, including potential short-term traffic and noise issues. 

The Oyster Cove project's phase 1 approvals for the General Plan Amendment, Rezoning, and Tentative Parcel Map were approved by the City Council in September 2023. An application for Phase 2 Site Plan and Architectural Review has been submitted and is undergoing Planning review. While demolition and surcharge activities have been permitted, no construction will be allowed until Site Plan and Architectural Review has been approved and a Building Permit for new construction has been issued.


CALL: Project Contractor, Gonzalo Rodrigues - (916) 206-0414

VISIT: https://cityofpetaluma.org/code-enforcement/

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