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#PETALUMA PROUD of Mitch White

In unusual times like these, it’s citizens who embody the spirit of community that pull us all through. In that spirit, we are Petaluma Proud to recognize Petaluma resident and businessman, Mitch White.

Larry Creech of Clark Electrical Contractors, Inc., explains why he nominated Mitch White for this honor.

“Mitch has gone above and beyond his role as my insurance broker," says Creech. "He personally called me to make sure my family was safe while we were being evacuated during the fires, and assisted us with finding a safe place to stay. He has spoken to, texted and/or emailed “pretty much everyday” since the COVID19 shut down, and has educated me about financial assistance opportunities to help my essential business stay open."

White and his company are also big supporters of the Casa Grande High School football and baseball teams, and he has led annual fundraising efforts to benefit those sports programs as well as the cheerleading squad.

“Mitch was there for me through some very dark times,” says Creech. “It’s more than just business to him. Petaluma is his home town. Petaluma, and the people here, matter to him.”

Thank you, Mitch, for all that you do for Petaluma!

mitch white
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