We are #PetalumaProud!

petaluma proud

What is Petaluma Proud?

#PetalumaProud is a new city-sponsored civic pride initiative to recognize people who are contributing to the energy and betterment of our town.

How does Petaluma benefit?

#PetaluamaProud offers the City a platform for highlight the amazing Petalumans among us. We'll be sharing these inspirational stories across multiple online communications channels, which will help us reach more people and ensure the content sticks around longer than a traditional printed article.

#PetalumaProud gives community members the chance to shine a spotlight on the people who make this town unique. It's a way to give a shout-out to a specific person and, in doing so, spread awareness and civic pride to others.

Who makes you #PetalumaProud?

We want to honor people who are stepping up for our community. This includes long-time volunteers working tirelessly and youngsters getting their first rush of do good and feel good. Well-known movers and shakers as well as hidden gems. All the champions who add to our quirky, creative, and beautiful community.

Click here to nominate for #PetalumaProud.

Nominate Someone

Ed Cerar

Girl Scout Troop 10977

2019 Firefighters of the Year

Officer Nicholas Raccanello

Officer Steven Cummings

Officer Al Farinha & Jimmy

Detective Corie Joerger & Basko

Matt Pierce

Joe Garcia

KC Greaney

Houston Porter

Mitch White

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