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Planning Wireless Telecommunications

All Wireless Telecommunications Facilities are subject to Chapter 14.44 of the PMC and Chapter 7.090 of the IZO.

Applicants must submit the Wireless Telecommunications Facility Permit Application Cover Page and the applicable Application Checklist for the application type, together with all information and materials provided in the applicable Application Guidelines. City staff may deem the application incomplete if the applicant fails to include any required information or materials.

Applications are by appointment only. For an appointment, contact the Planning Division. Any application received without an appointment, whether delivered in-person, by mail, online or through any other means, will not be considered duly filed.

Application forms and checklists that apply to Wireless Telecommunications Facilities:

  • Cover Page
  • Wireless Telecommunications Facility Permit Application Checklist
  • Section 6409 Permit Application Checklist
  • Registration Form
  • Removal Agreement

City Contact

For all questions related to wireless telecommunication facilities, please contact Greg Powell, Principal Planner, at [email protected].

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