5: Fiscal Year 2021-22 Priorities

129. Identify partners and funding for developing the fairground property.
128. Engage the community to envision and adopt a master plan for the fairgrounds property.
130. Celebrate existing public art by completing an inventory and develop promotional materials.
134. Continue to look for opportunities for smaller, community-oriented public art projects.
139. Develop a rehabilitation/reconfiguration plan for City Hall which includes a lobby area, expansion into County-wing, and wayfinding signage.
144. Finalize Certified Local Government designation process and recommend next steps.
149. Develop a plan to prioritize playground upgrades/replacement and accessibility improvements.
150. Repurpose existing amenities to promote recreational opportunities, including initial phases of tennis court rehabilitation citywide and pickleball courts.
155. Refine proposed trail network and begin guided tours for interim access on Lafferty Ranch; consider incorporation into City.
208. Complete a Greenhouse Gas Inventory Assessment for parks maintenance to establish a baseline assessment of city facilities and adopt best practices for future maintenance.
209. Open the Paula Lane Nature Preserve to the public, including agricultural demonstration activities, trails, interpretive signage, and educational research.
212. Parklets – create a permanent parklet program that includes clear guidelines on how parklets can be installed in Petaluma’s public right-of-way areas.
213. Develop objective design standards to guide review of streamlined ministerial housing development as required by the State of California.
224. Develop a scope and plan to initiate a vision for City parks and open space for Council consideration.
225. Execute contract for skatepark community outreach and complete re-design.

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