1: Key Achievements 2019-2021

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1 Develop a fiscal sustainability plan with the community that balances City services with available revenues and integrates policies and identifies potential revenue sources that can ensure long-term financial health and effectiveness of the City.
2 Continue implementing strategies to reduce pension costs and unfunded liabilities.
3 Develop a budget-in-brief to provide the City’s financial information in an understandable, accessible format.
17 Upgrade traffic signal management by re-establishing full-time traffic engineer position.
25 Inventory and promote all road paving and reconstruction projects with funding sources and dates of completion, made in the last five years.
33 Develop and publish public record request guidelines on City website
35 Develop a citywide IT Masterplan that identifies and prioritizes City technology needs, funding, and implementation strategies.
38 Complete the roll-out of an updated City website that creates a more user-friendly, accessible, and interactive information resource and online experience for the community.
160 Implement participation in Council, Committee, Commission, and Board meetings through online platforms.
172 Complete identified CIP Program projects: D St. Bridge emergency repairs; Runway Electrical lighting upgrades; Denman Reach Flood Mitigation Project completion; Water Service repair project; Petaluma Boulevard South Water main replacement; McNear Park Neighborhood water and waste water replacement; Country Club and Victoria water pump station upgrades
173 Install voter ballot boxes at City facilities.
176 Procured and implemented FPPC Campaign Statement and Statement of Economic Interest filing software through which filers and treasurers can more easily file statements in a timely manner without error, reducing liability for both filers and the City

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