AT&T Wireless Telecommunications Facility “FA 10072685 / CCL00355”

Project Name: AT&T Wireless Telecommunications Facility “FA 10072685 / CCL00355”
Address:  1300 Commerce Street [Map It]
APN: 007-630-001
City Record Number(s): PLUP-2022-0023 & PLSR-2022-0032 
Applicant Name: Beth Broussard, for TSJ Consulting Inc. 
Date of Decision: On or after Tuesday December 20, 2022
Project Description: Alter an existing wireless telecommunications facility on the roof and within an existing three-story self-storage building to include the following:

  • On the roof: 3 antenna radio frequency fiberglass-reinforced polymer screens painted to blend in with the existing building (1 per sector), 12 panel antennas (4 per sector), 15 remote radio units (5 per sector), and 3 surge protectors (1 per sector), installed on mounts; and
  • Within the building: 5 equipment cabinets, 1 battery rack, 1 power plant rack, 1 service delivery switch, 2 telco boards, 1 electrical panel, 1 transformer, 1 disconnect switch, and 1 transfer switch.

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