Community input is needed! Petaluma is seeking community input to determine how to best map district-based election boundaries. Now is your chance to have your voice heard.

  • What would districts mean to you?
  • What would you consider to be your district within Petaluma?
  • What “communities of interest” or “neighborhoods” do you feel should remain intact?
    • Is there a park, school, major road or intersection nearby or within what you consider to be your district?
    • Does your neighborhood have shared concerns or is it within a particular development?
  • Should districts be drawn that have a broad range of different land uses?
  • Are there any locations of growth that Council should consider that you feel are important in how the boundaries are drawn?
  • Are there any natural or man-made geographical boundaries that are important for consideration?

The City Council will be holding hearings to receive public input on where district lines should be drawn. Ways to participate in the public hearings and to provide public comments are listed on the top of each meeting agenda, posted at: The schedule for those hearings is listed below.

We will continue to provide timely updates on this web page throughout the district elections transition process. You can sign up to receive updates on our District Elections Updates email list.

To sign up to remain informed, to ask a question, to provide a comment, or to share your thoughts on the questions above, please fill out the form located on the bottom of this webpage.

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