DISH Wireless Telecommunications Facility “SFSFO00026A”

Project Name: DISH Wireless Telecommunications Facility “SFSFO00026A” 
Address: 5341 Old Redwood Highway, Petaluma [Map It]
APN:  047-360-025
City Record Number: PLUP-2022-0005 & PLSR-2022-0011
Applicant Name: Allison Holleman, for the CBR Group, Inc
Date of Decision: On or after November 21, 2022
Project Description: Proposed installation of a new wireless telecommunications facility on the roof of an existing four-story office building. The proposed facility would consist of:

  • 3 panel antennas (1 per sector), 6 remote radio heads (2 per sector) and 3 over voltage protection devices (1 per sector), installed on mounts, and 1 equipment platform located near the center of the rooftop to support 1 equipment cabinet, 1 H-frame, 1 GPS antenna, 1 power protective cabinet, 1 telco fiber enclosure, 1 fiber network interface device, 1 heavy duty safety switch, and 1 submeter. Portions of the existing mechanical screen would be replaced with radio-frequency transparent material that would be painted and treated to match the existing color and texture.

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