Friends of the Petaluma River Dock Replacement

Project Name: Friends of the Petaluma River Dock Replacement
Address:  6 Copeland Street [Map It]
APN: 007700002
City Record Number(s): PLSR-2023-0008
Applicant Name: Kallie Kull, Friends of the Petaluma River
Date of Decision: On or after Monday, May 1, 2023
Project Description: The proposed project would replace an existing ± 700square-foot wooden dock located along the riverfront at Steamer Landing Park that was damaged during a 2020 Petaluma River dredging. The proposed dock is a ± 916square-foot low-profile, floating dock constructed of pre-fabricated materials. Three 14-inch in diameter steel piles with fiberglass sleeves would anchor the dock in the waterway. The dock would be accessed by a 40-foot-long gangway anchored to the top of bank by a concrete footing. Two paths, a short, direct path and an accessible path with a gentle gradient, are designed to provide all persons with access to the gangway from Steamer Landing Park. The pre-fabricated dock will arrive by barge to minimize impacts from heavy equipment during installation. Approximately 1,000squarefeet of coastal brackish marsh, previously impacted by the existing dock, would be restored with wetland plants. The new floating dock is intended to serve Friends of the Petaluma River youth camps and public boating programs, and it would enable access to the deeper water channel for boating activities.

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