Lagunitas Brewgarden Patio Shade Structure

Project Name: Lagunitas Brewgarden Patio Shade Structure
Address:  1280 N McDowell [Map It]
APN: 007-582-008
City Record Number(s): PLSR-2023-0004
Applicant Name: Tyler Higgins, Lagunitas Brewing Company
Date of Decision: On or after Monday April 10, 2023
Project Description: This project proposes to construct a permanent timber and steel shade structure over the existing outdoor patio space, commonly known as the Lagunitas Brewgarden. The existing patio is used by the adjacent tap room for dining and beverage tasting, and no changes to the operating characteristics of the present use are proposed. The patio’s newly reconfigured landscaping will remain, and additional hanging planters are proposed along the Brewgarden’s perimeter. The wall-less shade structure is proposed to be constructed of steel columns, glulam (laminated timber) trusses, and a standing seam metal roof. The proposed structure includes overhead light fixtures, ceiling fans, and heaters. The Brewgarden patio shade structure will not increase production or the existing tasting/dining capacity.
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