Lakeville Square Tentative Parcel Map

Project Name: Lakeville Square Tentative Parcel Map
Address: 2600 Lakeville Hwy [Map It]
APN: 005040069
City Record Number(s): PLPM-2023-0001
Applicant Name: Project engineer Steven Lafranchi, on behalf of property owner Zachary Chan
Date of Decision: On or after Monday March 21, 2023
Project Description: Proposed Tentative Parcel Map to subdivide the 2.56-acre property at 2600 Lakeville Highway, located adjacent to Casa Grande Road, into two parcels. The existing property is comprised of two buildings which contain a mix of retail, service, gym, and veterinary uses. With the proposal, Parcel 1 would contain the existing veterinary building and be 0.82 acres, and Parcel 2 would contain the existing multi-tenant building and be 1.74 acres. No site improvements are proposed via this Tentative Parcel Map application, and existing parking supply and reciprocal easements will remain. The project site is zoned Park Central/Park Square Planned Community Development, and no changes to the zoning designation are proposed.

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