Program Requirements – L2L Rebate

  • Use only a single domestic clothes washer in a residential single-family or duplex site only.
  • You must adhere to state and local regulations, including Chapter 15 section 1503.1 and 1503.1.1 of the California Plumbing Code.
  • No filters, no tanks, no potable water connection, and no pumps (except for the pump in the clothes washer itself) are allowed or needed for greywater L2L systems.
  • The following features are ideal for this rebate:
    • The clothes washer is near an exterior wall or you have an accessible crawl space.
    • The landscape should be about the same elevation or downhill from the clothes washer.
    • Your landscape is within 50-75 feet of your clothes washer.
    • You plan to irrigate fruit trees, ornamental trees, shrubs, bushes, vines, or small groupings of plants.
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