Public Safety Facilities Assessment, Including New and Renovated Fire Stations

The Public Safety Facilities Assessment will be used to inform future new construction and renovations to address inadequate police and fire facilities city wide. Fire Station 1 needs Seismic upgrades and Stations 1, 2, and 3 no longer meet operational needs for a diverse workforce with crew space lacking. The Police Station similarly is poorly configured to meet the needs of a modern police department with inadequate locker space, showers, meeting, and office space. This project will develop a road map and strategic plan to move our Public Safety facilities into the 21st century. 

Staff is finalizing a Professional Services Agreement with consultants to begin preparing a Public Safety Facilities/EOC Evaluation and Strategic Plan, with kickoff expected in September 2022. Operational and administrative analyses of the Fire and Police Departments are expected to be presented to the City Council in early Fall 2022 and will be used, along with existing facilities planning documents, to inform the development of the Plan. 

The first milestone, Complete the Public Safety Facilities/EOC Evaluation and Strategic Plan, is anticipated to be completed by Quarter 3 of FY 2023.

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