T-Mobile Wireless Telecommunications Facility “BA20403A”

Project Name: T-Mobile Wireless Telecommunications Facility “BA20403A”
Address:  1 Casa Grande Road [Map It]
APN: 005-050-037
City Record Number(s): PLUP-2022-0006 & PLSR-2021-0031
Applicant Name: Nancy Garera for TelCyte Infrastructure Services/Wingspan Wireless
Date of Decision: On or after Tuesday December 20, 2022
Project Description: Alter an existing wireless telecommunications facility located on and adjacent to an existing 78’-tall monopole to include the following:

  • Co-locate on an existing AT&T monopole 3 RFS APXVAARR24_43-U-NA20 panel antennas (1 per sector) & 3 Ericsson AIR6449 B41 panel antennas (1 per sector) (all panel antennas with a RAD center of 50’), 3 Ericsson 4460 B25+B66 remote radio units (1 per sector), 3 Ericsson 4480 B71+B85 remote radio units (1 per sector), all installed on mounts; and
  • Co-locate within an existing AT&T fenced equipment compound: 1 GPS-TMG-HR-40N antenna, 1 delta battery cabinet, 1 Enclosure 6160 cabinet, 1 RBS 3106 cabinet, 1 RBS 6102 cabinet, 1 SSC cabinet, 1 G25WDO-3A-T4F generator, 1 H-frame with 1 tech light, 1 generator interface, 3 AC panel boxes.

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