Terms & Conditions – L2L Rebate

  • Rebates are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability of funds.
  • Rebates cover the cost of equipment used for a greywater system only. This excludes tax, delivery, and labor.
  • Be an active Petaluma water customer.
  • Residential single-family or duplex sites only.
  • Be the property owner, or have written consent from the owner.
  • Submit a complete greywater pre-inspection questionnaire with the required photos.
  • Have a working clothes washer machine onsite.
  • Have a suitable irrigable landscape that is level or down-sloping from the location of the clothes washer.
  • Only one rebate shall be redeemed per water account.
  • This rebate is for Laundry to Landscape greywater systems only.
  • The greywater system must be installed at the address provided on the application.
  • The City of Petaluma reserves the right to request proof of installation and/or to inspect the property to verify that the system is installed, either before or after the rebate is paid.  Failure to allow an inspection within 30 days of the request may result in rebate denial or rebate recovery costs from the applicant.
  • Be pre-approved prior to installing the system.
  • Must install the greywater system and contact the Water Conservation Department within 120 days of pre-approval.
  • Receipts must be legible and itemized to clearly show what has been purchased. If submitting an invoice from a contractor please ensure it includes the name and address of the contractor, the itemized dollar amount of qualifying purchase(s), item names, and zero balance due. Receipts will not be returned – Please make copies for your records.
  • A mandatory self-monitoring report shall be submitted annually by the resident to assess compliance with the above system requirements. The City will send out a self-monitoring form yearly.
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