Tree Removal & Planting

Our community has clearly expressed a desire for more trees along the McDowell corridor and we wholeheartedly agree mature tree canopies are essential and offer valuable climate and aesthetic benefits to our community. We worked with certified arborists to ensure our work was done in a way that best supports tree retention and health.

Keeping Trees Safe & Healthy During Construction
Every effort has been made in the design of this project to retain all existing, healthy trees. A tree survey was performed by a certified arborist for the entire corridor. The survey identified tree types, health, and structural integrity. This helped us create the following strategies to minimize removal, primarily for the sidewalk installation and creating a safe path of pedestrian travel:

  • Using a thinner sidewalk section
    • RESULT: Reduces excavation; thus, minimizes root exposure and damage during construction
  • Moving sidewalk placement
    • RESULT: Shifts construction away from trees to limit impact
  • Use of retaining walls
    • RESULT: Limits excavation needed; thus, minimizes potential damage to roots during construction

Tree Removal
We worked closely with an arborist to identify which trees require removal and to identify areas to replant in the future. Any tree removal required for the street-sidewalk-bike path right of way has been mitigated with the planting of trees in several locations identified along the North McDowell corridor.

Only unhealthy trees or those with roots interfering with utility lines and/or sidewalks were removed. Our contractor, Team Ghilotti Inc., and City staff had arborists on-site to observe during any tree removal process to make sure it was done thoughtfully and correctly.

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