Parking will be removed along various portions of D Street to accommodate new and enhanced bike lanes (see map below). You will see the addition of road striping to indicate the new bike lanes and will see red paint and/or signage to indicate areas where parking is prohibited.

We are aware the changed parking conditions will be an adjustment. We have closely studied the corridor to ensure all properties adjacent to any parking removal have driveways and are located proximate to a side street with on-street parking and/or a crosswalk.

On-street parking will be available in the following areas along the D Street corridor:

  • The outbound (away from downtown) direction between 1) El Rose Drive and 1290 D Street and 2) Laurel Avenue and 8th Street.
  • The inbound (towards downtown) direction between 8th Street and 4th Street.

D Street Parking Map Illustration

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