What does the Turning Basin dredging project entail?

The current contract for the dredging of the Turning Basin entails the following items: 

  • The removal, demolition, and disposal of the City docks on the east side of the Turning Basin, to allow for dredging. New float docks will be installed as part of a separate contract in 2023.
  • The removal, protection, and reinstallation of the Petaluma Small Craft Center Floathouse and the City’s west side Turning Basin docks designated for reinstallation. These designated sections of docks will be reinstalled immediately following the dredging in November 2022.
  • The removal and storage of the East (Weller Street) gangway.
  • The removal and reinstallation of the West gangway.
  • The installation of any and all temporary barriers to close off the gangway landings.
  • The dredging of the Petaluma Turning Basin to a design depth of minus 8.0 feet (-8.0 MLLW).

For more information on the Turning Basin Dredging & Dock Restoration (2022), CLICK HERE.

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