What equipment will be used in the dredging?

The work in this Upper River portion will be completed with a 74’ suction dredge, Sandpiper. A 24” pipe will be connected to the dredge and material will be pumped through the pipeline into the Shollenberger disposal site. The longest length of pipeline will be ~14,000 ft when the dredge is working in the turning basin.  The pipeline will be submerged for most of it’s length but marked with buoys.

At the disposal site in Shollenberger, a bulldozer and other equipment will be used to spread the material as needed and reposition the discharge pipe.

There will be a second, clamshell dredge that will be removing material ‘out in the flats’ from the channel in San Pablo Bay.  This material will be loaded into a hopper barge, which will dispose of the material  at a designated in bay disposal site.

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