What happens if the contractor changes or requires resubmittal of plans?

SolarAPP+ allows up to 3 revisions under the $25.00 fee. They must resubmit the application to SolarAPP+ and once the resubmittal is approved, they will receive a modified permit number, for example:

Original SolarAPP+ ID: SA20230117-242-19-1234-A

First Approved Revision SolarAPP+ ID: SA20230117-242-19-1234-B

Second Approved Revision SolarAPP+ ID: SA20230117-242-19-1234-C

Third and Last Approved Revision SolarAPP+ ID: SA20230117-242-19-1234-D

Once the contractor receives the new SolarAPP+ ID, they can upload this new document onto their existing permit on CSS, along with their modified plans. The City Inspector may charge any fees that are appropriate for the resubmittal, similar to the current process for re-inspection.

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