What is the City doing to Save Water?


  • All new development is subject to building codes that require water efficiency (indoor and outdoor).
  • Currently, new development is not allowed to install landscaping.

City Parks and Facilities:

  • Installing water-efficient toilets and faucets
  • Reduced Watering 1-2x per week
  • Hand-watering trees
  • Cut irrigation to all grass playfields that use potable (non-recycled) water

Water Conservation Programs:

  • Reduction Plans – Customers with high water use placed on a mandatory reduction plan.
  • Mulch Madness – Qualified residents will receive free sheet mulching supplies and irrigation conversion kits.
  • Water-Wise Housecalls – A water conservation expert will visit your property and provide advice on how to save water.
  • Rebates – Special rebates are offered for high-efficiency toilets and clothes washers (residential and commercial).
  • Water Waste Patrol – Daily patrols/response to reports of water waste.

Recycled Water Program:

  • We are finding ways to store more recycled water for use throughout the year (the City’s Ellis Creek Property, local farms, etc.).
  • We continue to explore opportunities for using recycled water throughout the City, further offsetting potable water use.
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