What Steps Are Required to Terminate a Tenancy?

  1. Provide Tenants with a Notice of Termination: ENGLISH  |  ESPAÑOL
    • Landlord must provide this notice to the tenant(s) in the language used to negotiate the lease.   
    • The Notice of Termination must be provided to the tenant(s) in advance of the proposed move out date.  The timing of the notice is in accordance with the Civil Code.
  2. Additional Noticing: The “No-fault” reasons for terminating a tenancy permitted under the TPA include the following and require additional noticing as noted below:
    • Permanent withdrawal from rental market. Require Notice 6L: English  |  Español
    • Owner to occupy dwelling unit. Require Notice 6M: English  |  Español
    • Substantial rehabilitation for health and safety. Require Notice 6N: – English  |  Español
  3. Stop Accepting Rent
    • If you have provided your tenant with the Notice of Termination, you may not collect rent beyond the intended move-out date.

Pay Relocation

If Landlord terminates a tenancy for “No-fault” (to permanently remove a unit from the market, owner to occupy a unit, for substantial rehabilitation, or government order) the tenant is entitled to relocation assistance. The assistance can be a direct payment or credit towards payments due.  

Amount of relocation assistance: 

  • 250% of one month of rent or $9,000 whichever is less.

Offer Unit to Original Tenant

Owner must re-offer the dwelling unit to the displaced tenant if tenant is dispaced through a “no-fault” termination and provides notice to the landlord that they want the first right of refusal if the unit is placed back on the rental market six months after displacement. 

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